On the road again…

Two things. First, I apologize for the quarter-long hiatus. I decided my last term of school was too important to focus on anything other than work and school. But I’m back and ready to regale you all with stories of my mediocre life and ventures into being a real grown-up. Second, some of you may... Continue Reading →


Should you go abroad to study/work/intern?

Is study abroad for you? Or intern abroad? Grad school abroad? The great thing about these programs is that they’re a set period of time you spend abroad, and often they come with a (sometimes voluntary) housing program. Enough structure to keep you on track, enough freedom to adventure, and at the end of your... Continue Reading →

How to survive a weekend wedding

Let's just admit it - Saturday weddings are basically 3-day-long parties. Like all parties, there are some tips for surviving and having the best time possible. I just got back from my cousins big, rustic wedding which consisted of three days of pampering, drinking, eating, and very little sleeping. So here are some tips to... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Sunday: Carol Rossetti’s “Women”

If you haven't spotted Carol Rossetti's illustrations around the internet, you're missing out. Carol Rossetti, a Brazilian artist and designer, published a series of illustrations about modern women  and various conditions they face. The project is simply titled "Women". Rossetti described the project as "Pretty special, because it taught me a lot about women from... Continue Reading →

9 Ideas for cheap nights out

It’s the end of the weekend, and once again I’m left thinking about how my friends and I made all these plans … and yet I ended up staying in, for the most part, watching movies and working overtime on a project. Not only is it hard to organize getting everyone out together, it’s also... Continue Reading →

Back from the beyond

I've been MIA for a while and I'm so sorry! A lot has gone down over the last 3 weeks, but I'll summarize and we'll go right back to our semi-regularly scheduled program of sarcastic commentary and adventures into adulthood. For a couple weeks I had a job (yes, a job!) as a camp counselor-... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Sunday: Ward + Robes

“I hope that, when someone puts this gown on, that they feel like they’re stepping into their power.” –India Amara, tattoo artist/designer. Starlight Canada, an organization that helps families with seriously ill children, has taken a step toward identity and individuality for patients. They’re behind a new creative project, Ward + Robes, to bring designer... Continue Reading →

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