New year, new something

The calendar year is gliding or grinding to a halt, depending on how your holiday season has been, and it's that time of year where people set their resolutions. Sticking with resolutions can be hard. One of the easiest ways to set a resolution you're more likely to stick with is to pick something you... Continue Reading →


10 cheap ways to relax

Ah, relaxation, that state of calmness and acceptance that alludes us all for so much of the time. For a lot of people, relaxation can involve the spa or a day of spendy extravagance, but that doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. As we approach the last weekend in what has been one... Continue Reading →

The next big trip

I have some smaller trips in the works over the next six months (Some places on the east coast, some local adventures, and the great college road trip with the little sisters.) but there was something about my spring break Pacific Coast Highway road trip that made me realize I really want to see more... Continue Reading →

Review: Famous in Love

The following is a review rated S for SPOILERS. Murder mystery? Back stabbing lesbians? small town girl turned movie star? Roommate drama? Domestic violence? Pop music to country music metamorphosis? Baby daddy drama? Love triangles? Double crossing former besties? Alcoholic child stars falling off the wagon? Con women? Emotional immaturity on a frankly impressive scale?... Continue Reading →

The kinds of friends you’ll have

Some friends deserve a ton of recognition for everything they do for you in your life. Sometimes you need to take a moment to recognize the crazy, horrible friends you've had that have helped you grow. Here are some of these friends you'll meet throughout your teen years and your 20s, and what they bring... Continue Reading →

Free spirits and creatures of habit

I follow Instagram profiles full of adventure photos and read blogs about people that travel the world at the drop of a hat. My cousin has been chronicling his adventures traveling around Europe for the last year across all his social media profiles. I have friends that never stick to a schedule and love doing... Continue Reading →

Road trip tips

Today I celebrated that I’ll be doing a repeat of my California road trip, this time to move one of my little sisters into her dream college! Instead of my friend and me in a car this time I’ll have my mom and two little sisters, as well as a whole dorm room of stuff,... Continue Reading →

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