New year, new something

The calendar year is gliding or grinding to a halt, depending on how your holiday season has been, and it’s that time of year where people set their resolutions. Sticking with resolutions can be hard.

One of the easiest ways to set a resolution you’re more likely to stick with is to pick something you want more of in your life. Often people say what they want less of – less business, less stress or drama, less weight, less laziness, and so on – but that’s such a negative way of looking at your life! Even if you stick with that resolution it paints your entire “before” life in such a gloomy light.

Rather than saying what you want less of in your life, pick something positive that you want more of in your life and then plot out the steps to including that positive thing you want in your life.

Want more of the outdoors? Plan some outdoor activities like hiking, beach days, or picnicking.

Want more happiness in your life? Plan out things that make you happy. Big things like spa days or trips with friends. Small things like rewarding yourself at the end of the month with a Starbucks or spending time with friends.

Pick anything you think you should have more of – personal time, time with loved ones, patience, love, enjoying the moments, etc.

My personal goal is to have more self-control.

I want to have a better control over what I let my mind dwell on. My first step for this is wearing my watch. Which doesn’t work. But whenever I see it the watch will remind me to analyze what I’m thinking.

I want more control over what I say, especially when I’m angry.

I want to better control how I spend my time. So much of my time seems to waste away, trickling minute by minute out of my hands and back to wherever used time goes. I plan to set a certain period of time each day for all the little tasks that seem to eat up my time. A lot of my ‘lost time’ seems to be when I decide to take some time to do something I enjoy for a minute, before I need to go do something more important, and then that task ends up eating up more of my schedule than I had planned. I’ll remedy this by setting aside a certain span of time each day to just relax and do something I like. This way I still get to do all those things that I like, but I’ll have better control of my time and I’ll have something to look forward to

This process works well for some people because you don’t start out by setting a concrete goal. Find what abstract thing you want more of in your life, set a broad goal, then break it down into steps.

Those little steps will take you big places.



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