The next big trip

I have some smaller trips in the works over the next six months (Some places on the east coast, some local adventures, and the great college road trip with the little sisters.) but there was something about my spring break Pacific Coast Highway road trip that made me realize I really want to see more of the U.S.A. and the world.

To that end, Hibby and I have chosen our another adventure!

After the road trip, Hibby and I agreed that we should try to visit some place new at least once each year, letting our budgets and lifestyles at the time be a guide for the duration and distance of our trip.

So, drumroll please, our next big adventure – Iceland!

We’re looking at doing a road trip around the country to see the sights and get some hikes in, but we also want to spend some time in the cities soaking in the culture. We’ve already started researching places we want to visit. Or I have, at least. Hibby isn’t quite as obsessed with the planning stage as I am. To me, the planning and anticipation are part of the fun!

Any tips out there for the trip? If you’ve visited Iceland, what would you say are the must-see can’t-miss attractions, secrets, and sights?



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  1. I loved Iceland! I was there for a week in the new year as it has to be one of my favourite countries! I have quite a few posts on my site about Iceland. I would say spend a decent amount of time in Reykjavik because there’s loads to do! Definitely do the main tour – the golden circle. We went with a company called ‘your day tours’ which was great because it was a mini bus not a 60 person coach and they let you stop for longer etc. Alternatively hiring a car might be better – but you miss out on cool facts about Iceland!

    Airbnb is really popular and it’s nice to stay with a local there, they are so friendly! Depending on what time of year you go you might be about to see the northern lights which are spectacular!

    Blue lagoon is a must! We went at night time and it was deserted so I’d recommend that!

    If you want to know anything else check out my blog or ask me! Hope you have an amazing time when you go!!


    1. The night time suggestion for the Blue Lagoon sounds like a great idea! I’ve been looking at reviews to get an idea of what we’d like to do and there were quite a few people who said they liked it but that it was crowded. Night time sounds like the perfect idea to avoid all those crowds.
      Thanks for letting me know about your posts, I’ll take a look!

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      1. Yeah it wasn’t crowded for us at all! Might be because it was winter as well. I thought it was really wonderful and would totally do it again! (Even if it is very over priced) also there are swimming pools all over Reykjavik which are really fun to go in! It’s what all the locals do at the weekend. They are geothermally heated as well.


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