The kinds of friends you’ll have

Some friends deserve a ton of recognition for everything they do for you in your life. Sometimes you need to take a moment to recognize the crazy, horrible friends you’ve had that have helped you grow. Here are some of these friends you’ll meet throughout your teen years and your 20s, and what they bring to (or take from) your life.

The Crazy Roommate – This is that roommate that made you want to bang your head against the wall and shove them in their own suitcase. Not only were they a bad roommate, they just don’t seem to see logic or understand what’s going on around them. They’re paranoid, rude, and sometimes it feels like their crazy is out to get only you.

The Cuddler – My guy friends said they don’t really cuddle each other, and they’re missing out. Laying together on the couch with wine and your bestie and a hilariously bad movie on the TV is one of the best ways to spend an evening after work. This friend knows the importance of spending time together and is your favorite friend to be a couch potato with.

The Squad – When you put out the bat signal (a snapchat of your alcohol cabinet with the words “I got dumped”) they come to your rescue. Your squad size varies depending on what kind of person you are and can include an extended group of twelve or so people, or it can be your two closest friends. Either way, when you need them, they’re there.

The Crazy Adventurer Acquaintance – You don’t really know this friend super well. They hover around the edge of your life and occasionally invite you to partake in their shenanigans, resulting in a story that you tell repeatedly for about two months to prove how cool you are.

The Crazy Adventurer Party Girl – Similar to the crazy adventure acquaintance, this person always has the most interesting time at parties and gatherings. Sometimes you don’t see her until lunch a few days later. She’ll show up in a random guy’s shirt with tales of yet more parties she’s attended since you lost her by the beer cooler on Friday.

The No-BS Friend – The blunt friend that always tells it like it is. They can come across as too harsh or apathetic, but you never have to worry about not knowing what they think. They’ll tell you if you’re whining too much or need to get your life together. You also know that a compliment from this friend is genuine; if they say you’re doing well or you have your life together, you know it’s true.

The Grown Up – This friend has their life together. While the rest of your crew live in half-furnished apartments eating instant ramen and trying to decide what to do with their lives, this friend owns a classily decorated condo and has a decent job for a well-known company in your area. Their mere existence gives you a small inferiority complex. To them, having their life together was just the next natural step in their lives.

The Parent – similar to the grown-up, but with a miniature human accessory. The parent is the friend that has already spawned offspring, and their life now revolves around that baby. On the rare occasion you see them they are exhausted and proud of their screaming mini-human.

The Work Friends – This the crew of friends you know from work; you exchange office gossip, you eat lunch together, and occasionally grab a drink after. Over the years two or so of these friends may become actual friends, but until then they’re the people you who make surviving the work week bearable.

Your pet – The real bestie here. Unending love in exchange for food and cuddles.

The True Friend – You’ll have ten of these in your life, tops. Treasure them, love them, make sure they know how important they are to you. They can be a combination of many of the friends listed above, plus a dash of their own wit and personality, or something else entirely. It’s hard to describe how you know you’ve found that true best friend. One day your abs will be hurting because you’ve fallen off your their couch from laughing so hard and you realize you’ve been friends for eight years, and you know no matter the distance, significant others, kids, careers, or chaos that comes into your life, you two are friends.

Friendships in your adult life are intentional because of the effort they now require. They offer you the freedom of not being attached 24/7, and there’s less drama involving your whole crew. Sure, there’s the occasional spat, but most of the drama happens outside your group, with work friends, family, and dating. Your friends are your support system for this new, grown-up drama.

I know there are more kinds of friends out there, tell me all about your bestie and what makes them unique and important to you!


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