Free spirits and creatures of habit

I follow Instagram profiles full of adventure photos and read blogs about people that travel the world at the drop of a hat. My cousin has been chronicling his adventures traveling around Europe for the last year across all his social media profiles. I have friends that never stick to a schedule and love doing whatever strikes their fancy at any given time. I work with people who like to “go where the wind takes them” and my closest coworker once disappeared for a weekend for her own self-created artist retreat and left her work stacked in a pile that she completely forgot about.

I’d love to be the type of person that makes decisions on the fly, lives on the edge, and goes where the wind takes me. In reality, I drink out of the same water bottle and mug every day, take the same walk to work and class, and store all my notebooks in the same order on my windowsill.

I spend my Friday and Saturday night with the same six or so people, I eat in the same cafes and restaurants. I visit the same websites. I’ve had the same favorite authors for about 7 years.

I have a favorite pair of sweat pants, pajamas that I’ve worn threadbare after six years, and an ugly paint – stained sweatshirt that I borrowed from my dad in high school and never gave back.

I’m a creature of habit.

And while balance is great, I don’t think I’ll ever be the kind of person that floats through life without a plan for everything.

And I’m working on learning that’s all okay, but I’m also working on learning that the world won’t end because I take a day off. Because in reality, the world doesn’t really care. And there’s something a little comforting in knowing that if I miss a shift at work, or forget to turn something in, or miss a due date, that the world doesn’t end.


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  1. I am a creature of habit also! More recently however I have learnt that there are some things that it is good to be flexible with so I am working on being able to ‘go where the wind takes me’ on occasion. It is true that the world will not end if we do something that differs from what we usually do or what we may have planned.


    1. mkent88,
      That was one of the things I learned when my friend and I convinced ourselves to take our road trip! Like my fellow creatures of habit I don’t always see a problem with my routine ways, but there’s something fun and freeing about doing something crazy from time to time.

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