Ever since my road trip last week I’ve been hit hard with the need to see the world. I keep trying to tide myself over by planning hypothetical trips and trying to drag my poor friends on the road with me.

I’ve traveled alone before, but I really have so much more fun when I have an equally enthusiastic travel buddy. I like having someone to talk to and plan with. I’m not that big on selfies, so it’s nice that I can have pictures that occasionally have a person in them (or two people, if I do end up wanting to be in the picture with them). I also really like the security I feel with having a travel partner.

Even if I find another travel buddy, since poor Hibby has a life and all and can’t just be subject to my travel whims after our California road trip, I’m still broke.

So I longingly research adventures like the Full Moon Party in Thailand, Icelandic road trips, Burning Man, and SDCC and plot out North American road trips in the hopes of one day getting to hit the road again.

The real problem is I want to go to grad school. It seems I can’t afford to continue my education (“afford” is used loosely here because let’s be real, most of that will be impressively looming student debt) and see the world.

I’ve taken a look at EF College Break and Contiki, which my cousins really enjoy, but they’re a little out of my price range at the moment.

Any other wannabe travelers out there waiting for their next opportunity to see the world? What secrets and tips are out there to travel with little to no money?


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