On the road again…

Spring Break Road Trip Two things.

First, I apologize for the quarter-long hiatus. I decided my last term of school was too important to focus on anything other than work and school. But I’m back and ready to regale you all with stories of my mediocre life and ventures into being a real grown-up.

Second, some of you may remember one of my very first posts way back in August, “How to road trip” which detailed my plans for a Pacific Coast Highway road trip. That trip didn’t end up happening because my first day of work was the day Other Sarah (Yes, two Sarahs.) and I were meant to head to the sunny California coast.

Now, seven months later, we’re finally doing it! We’ve added another road trip buddy, Hibby, and are hitting the road for a little more than a week during spring break. Other Sarah and I are also celebrating our freedom now that we’re done with school, and Hibby only has one quarter left.

We’re doing the full coastline stretch, Seattle down through Oregon and California all the way to the Border Field State Park. We’re going from Washington to the Redwoods in one day, then spreading out time out between all the stops along California for maximum beach time. We’re taking an interior road back since it could shave up to four hours off our drive time (and maybe we’ll get a peek at Death Valley).

Any suggestions on what we absolutely have to do during out stops? Any road trip tips you’ve got to share?

I’ll be posting again in a few days before we hit the road with more details about how we went about planning our adventure with Roadtrippers and what planning for this kind of trip entails. (Hint: There was a lot of research and Pinterest investigating.)



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