5 Ideas to spark inspiration

Sometimes creativity just doesn’t flow the way we want it to. And when that happens, sometimes we need something to kickstart our inspiration.inspiration

1. Input
Find the inspiration. Looking at art can make you want to draw or paint, reading can make you want to write your own story. There are also prompts and art challenges all over the internet. They can be a great source of inspiration or a jumping-off point your mind uses to run wild. Go soak up some creativity from your choice of medium and put that rejuvenation to work.

Just creating, even if it’s not the project that you’re trying to finish, can help get your mind going. Go draw something else, write a different story, make a little side project for fun. Can’t figure out what you want your next beading project to look like? Rearrange your earrings or jewelry, see what it makes you think of. Something that you’re ‘just wasting time on’ can lead to inspiration.

3. Take time to yourself & refresh
For a set period of time don’t do anything related to the project. Sometimes you just need a break. Creativity is like hiking or cooking or running. No matter how much you love it, sometimes you just need a break. Whatever the project is, just walk away for a bit. Inspiration can strike when you least expect it.

4. Work a bit, come back to it later
Work on what you have so far. If you know what colors you want in your painting, get some paint chips or just throw the color on a canvas. See what you end up with. If you have an image in mind sketch it out real quick. If you know what you need to include in your writing make a list or outline with blank spots where you need to fill in content later. Then just leave it alone; walk away and give it some time. Let your mind turn the idea over a few times and see where you’re at a set period of time later.

5. Link hopping
Research whatever the focus is, and start clicking through the links. You can get ideas from some of the oddest places, including that random page on the eating habits of Amazonian otters that you somehow ended up on (even though you started by reading a Wikipedia page on paint supplies).



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