Pacific Coast Roadtrip Summary

I’m back from my adventures down the coast! There were some snags along the way - Other Sarah told us she couldn’t go three days before we left, we had some rainy weather, lots of wind, and some problems with reservations, but it was fun all the same! This post is pretty long since I... Continue Reading →


Spring break in California for $500

How we travel cheap: My two friends and I are hitting the road for nine days of California sun, sand, and beaches for less than $500 dollars each! (Plus whatever we each choose to spend on shopping and souvenirs.) Our first “cheap” choice was to pick camping as our primary form of accommodation. Most nights... Continue Reading →

On the road again…

Two things. First, I apologize for the quarter-long hiatus. I decided my last term of school was too important to focus on anything other than work and school. But I’m back and ready to regale you all with stories of my mediocre life and ventures into being a real grown-up. Second, some of you may... Continue Reading →

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