How to survive a weekend wedding

how-to-surviveLet’s just admit it – Saturday weddings are basically 3-day-long parties. Like all parties, there are some tips for surviving and having the best time possible. I just got back from my cousins big, rustic wedding which consisted of three days of pampering, drinking, eating, and very little sleeping. So here are some tips to help you through whatever wedding or other big party events are coming up this holiday season.
These tips work great for most large family events too.

Drink, drink, drink:
Water, that is. Alcohol flows aplenty at events like this, but like all parties, you need to remember to stay hydrated. I recommend drinking two bottles of water in the morning, and one before you go bed at the minimum. This won’t meet your daily water intake needs, but it’s a starting point. And as always, one glass of water per alcoholic drink while partying makes the next morning much easier. No one wants a hangover during brunch.

Naps aren’t just for preschoolers. Wedding days and arrangements mean equally long hours of preparation and partying from early in the morning until late at night – or even back into the early morning, again. Getting some shut eye in that crazy schedule, while still being on time for everything, can be difficult. This is where naps come into play; only got four or five hours of sleep? Take a three-hour nap and suddenly you’ve hit your eight hours! A cat nap before heading out for evening festivities can make all the difference.

You time:
Take some time to yourself every day. Block off an hour for whatever will help you unwind; a long bath, some time at the gym, reading a book, whatever your cup of tea is. The idea is to spend some time apart from the wedding madness and away from the only people you’ve been seeing for days on end.

The schedule:
If you’re involved in the wedding in any way, or part of prep, or even if you’re just a family member, figure out where you need to be and when. If you can get the schedule before you actually arrive, even better.
Hint: Ask the mother of the bride to text you the schedule, she usually knows what’s up. The bride and maid of honor have too much going on.

In addition to setting reminders for your schedule, set your morning alarms for each day when you arrive at your destination or start the eventful weekend. That way when you stumble to bed in the wee hours of the AM you don’t need to worry about sleeping through the rehearsal, makeup appointments, or food. Set alarms for everything, and set them for a few minutes or more before you actually need to be somewhere. No more having to panic about missing cars, nail appointments, or family pictures.

Be open to adventures:
You’re not going to get to do everything the way you like it; The food isn’t your first choice, the alcohol options are all different brands, you will inevitably get roped into helping do stuff you didn’t even know needed to be done, family and friends tell off-color jokes or jokes that you just don’t think are funny, and they all want to know about your grades/job/significant other/etc. Whenever large numbers of people show up, there are differences and drama, and if you’re close to those people, multiply the differences and drama. Remember that you’re all there to have fun and celebrate! In a few days you’ll be back in your own space, so embrace the differences and the unexpected as a part of the experience.


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