Spotlight Sunday: Carol Rossetti’s “Women”

If you haven’t spotted Carol Rossetti’s illustrations around the internet, you’re missing out.

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Carol Rossetti, a Brazilian artist and designer, published a series of illustrations about modern women  and various conditions they face. The project is simply titled “Women“. Rossetti described the project as “Pretty special, because it taught me a lot about women from all over the world and got me in amazing situations,”.

Some of Rosetti’s work on this project has been collected into a book, Women: Body-Positive Art to Inspire and Empower.

The project attempts to put a spotlight on the circumstances women of vastly diverse backgrounds endure, and given the number of works in the series, there’s at least one illustration that will relate to you. Her character representation is always diverse and depicts various body types, abilities, ethnicities, and religions, amongst other things.

Perhaps one of the things that make the illustrations stand out the most is that the diverse representations aren’t restricted just to illustrations that address diversity. Girls in hijab, girls with various body types, and girls with disabilities aren’t used just as representations of that specific aspect of their identity, but are associated with all aspects of life shown in the series.

I encourage everyone to check it out further!



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