Things to remember on bad days


Sometimes, when there’s a lot to do and you’re tired and everything seems overwhelming, you need to be reminded of the good things. So as we near midterms, here are some of those good things.

We live in a world where weeds that turn into fluff are wishes and magical beings populate uninhabitable areas like the moon and the north pole. Humans thrive in almost every environment on the planet. We’re capable of love and great, if sometimes terrible, things.

And when things get tough, remember everything always looks better in the morning light, after a glass of water and long sleep.
These are the romanticized notions that get me through the long hours of work, and long hours of school, and when I feel overwhelmed or unloved and especially when I feel like quitting.

And sometimes I just need to remember that there are good things, especially after spending the day as a journalism major analyzing corruption in government, racism and classism in aid organizations, and the downfall of my own industry.
What do you do when it’s a bad day? ( or week. Or month. Or year. Sometimes it’s just a hard time.)



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