All the cat stuff you’ll never need but definitely want


Like my Welcome page says, I have a likely inevitable future as a crazy cat lady and I embrace it wholeheartedly. Pinterest and the rest of the internet just fuel the fire, with pictures and videos of cats and cat items everywhere. Below is a round up of totally unnecessary but still cool cat-themed stuff.

Cats Against the World

 It’s an unofficial Cards Against Humanity expansion pack focused on cats and described on the website as “awkward and sassy as you and your 40 plus cats at home are.” If that doesn’t make you want to invest in it I don’t know what will.

Cats Against the World

Cat clock

Because you and your cats can have a classy, well decorated home that reflects your favorites. Available in multiple wood finishes.

Ceramic cat planter

Unfortunately this Etsy shop is on a break at the time of this post, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on it. I gave one as a birthday gift to a friend, and she loves it.

“I’ve gato my life together” mug

So true it hurts a little bit and surefire way to get some laughs, this cat mug is adorable and humorous.

I’ve Gato Get My Life Together Mug

Cat face tank top

As much as I love cats, I’ve never really fallen in love with those cosmic space-dust design shirts with kittens on them. This subtler approach to cat clothes is more up my alley, and it looks adorable. Bonus, it can be incorporated into a cute Halloween costume.

Cat Face Shirt. Cat Lover Gift. Cat Face Tank Top. Cat Lady Gift. Cat Face T-shirts. Cat Shirts. Cat Tanks. Cat Lady Gifts. Women's Tank Top

And for more four-pawed cat goodness, follow 12catslady on Instagram to keep up on the story of her and her 12 Persian cats.

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