Spotlight Sunday: Carol Rossetti’s “Women”

If you haven't spotted Carol Rossetti's illustrations around the internet, you're missing out. Carol Rossetti, a Brazilian artist and designer, published a series of illustrations about modern women  and various conditions they face. The project is simply titled "Women". Rossetti described the project as "Pretty special, because it taught me a lot about women from... Continue Reading →


9 Ideas for cheap nights out

It’s the end of the weekend, and once again I’m left thinking about how my friends and I made all these plans … and yet I ended up staying in, for the most part, watching movies and working overtime on a project. Not only is it hard to organize getting everyone out together, it’s also... Continue Reading →

Things to remember on bad days

Sometimes, when there's a lot to do and you're tired and everything seems overwhelming, you need to be reminded of the good things. So as we near midterms, here are some of those good things. We live in a world where weeds that turn into fluff are wishes and magical beings populate uninhabitable areas like... Continue Reading →

DIRTY hair cream from LUSH

One of those adult things you don't think about when you have to be independent is what household and hygiene products you're going to buy. Suddenly that expensive toilet paper doesn't seem like such a good idea. You have the option of sticking with the brands you'd used forever, going the cheapest route, or trying... Continue Reading →

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