RA Life: Roommate wrecks and weekend duty

It’s that time of year again – that week after everyone has moved into the reshalls and classes have begun.

I was on duty the first weekend after everyone had moved in, and other than an avalanche of first years pummeling my door to inform me someone was having a seizure in the lounge, it was pretty quiet around here. But that doesn’t mean it was quiet everywhere.

Weekend duty does mean I have to do rounds at 2 am, which is when the sprinkler is on, so my exercise for the weekend was dodging those while I scrambled across the sidewalk. There were some drunk party returners that thought it was a riot.


  • My friend had an angry parent accuse her of stealing his son’s groceries because he saw a water bottle of the same brand he’d bought at Fred Meyers in the office.
  • Said parent then had his son call the police a few days later because the son couldn’t find his box of baseball hats
  • Another building had a girl say she needed a room change because she was uncomfortable. We all kind of got ready to hear the usual stuff (she took the good bed, she doesn’t take the garbage out, she goes to bed at a ridiculously early/late time, I can’t play my music) and she told us that her roommate hadn’t been sober since she arrived, she’d removed the smoke detector so she could light up in the room, the smell of weed was giving her a headache, and she kept coming back to the room to find random guys in both their beds, and the roommate was leaving guests in the room that were rude and telling her to leave. So basically, break all of the rules (actually only about a tenth of them, but still)
  • Another building had a room change request because the strongly Christian roommate said their roommate was judging their taste in worship music and had used the F-word.
  • Another roommate was gossiping about how much they disliked their roommate while in the bathroom with a friend. Then said roommate walked out of the bathroom stall, silently washed their hands, and went to bed. I thought that stuff only happened in movies.*
  • Last night, Monday, there was a duty phone call about a bat flying around the fourth floor of my building. Another RA found it napping under a table. I named if Fuzzy and the student maintenance staff arrived with their high-tech bat removal apparatus – a bucket and a big piece of paper to cover it.

*Roommate conflicts are inevitable and innumerable the first weeks. For those of you not in the know, the housing department can’t really immediately accommodate changes every time someone wants to move. There would be to many requests, and residents wouldn’t learn any problem solving skills. We totally get that not everyone can live together, but it’s the RA’s job to make sure all other avenues have been exhausted before we move you cause your roommate is judging you with the side eye and doesn’t take the trash out. Those are typically solvable issues



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