Wedding Gifts

pexels-photo-64782As a fresh, newly hatched semi-adult I find myself faced with a new quest – buying a wedding gift.

I’ve never had to buy one before, since I was always young enough to tack my signature onto my parents’ card and call it good.

None of my friends were or are the type to get married while in college, and no one in my family married during that window either. Which means that my cousin’s the-groomsmen-will-wear-jeans-and-cowboy-boots wedding is the first one I’ll ever have to buy a gift for. Normally I love gift giving. I like the challenge of it, how it forces you to take into account someone’s likes and dislikes and find something that matches and fits into their life.

The problem is that I’ve seen my cousin once in the last 12 years. I don’t know where to begin to shop for her. She’s lived in her own house for about 7 years, and will have lived with Cowboy Fiancee for almost 2 years by the wedding. Their house is full of double everything because they’d been totally independent and roommate-less before moving in together and combing kitchen supplies, horses and extensive gun collections.

So far my ideas are to…
A) Go for the cutesy angle and make something by hand, probably off Pinterest,
B) Get them a fancy stationary set with their initials on it. Fancy paper and envelopes and especially a nice stamp with their names and address on it
C) Buy “The Newlywed Cookbook” that just got restocked at the store I work at.

Anyone else have any suggestions for wedding gifts for someone I don’t know well and have seen in awhile?


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