Life updates & Spotlight Sunday

The flower wall I tried to replicate, except I had a light orange/blush/cream palette

Like I mentioned in my last post, I decided to move back to school! I’m still in the process of unpacking, but I’m a week ahead in work. Post to come  going more in-depth about training, work, and decorating the residence halls. Again, I’ll write all that under the RA Life category so people can ignore it if that want. Being a week ahead came in handy when I had a crafting accident and sliced my hand open trying to make a flower wall. I accidentally cut right down the webbing between my pointer finger and middle finger, straight through to the muscles/ligaments/tendons. Once I got past the pain and blood it was kind of cool to look at. Don’t worry, I wont include pictures.

My numbed up left hand (luckily not the one I use) took more than a day to regain feeling, and even after that typing is a challenge. Thus the late post.

In light of that, my Spotlight Sunday is for all the nurses and doctors that were working this holiday weekend.

I did actually get to go to the fair!

I go to school in a country town that celebrates the end of summer with a massive rodeo and county fair over this last long weekend. There’s more than 600 contestants in the rodeo alone. Assuming that at least a fifth of the county shows, and that contestants bring family and friends to watch, the town practically doubles in size.

And you know what drunk cowboys and college students in large groups on a holiday do? A decent number of them do stupid stuff and end up in the ER.

And in spite of all that The local ER still managed to get me in, drugged, cleaned up, stitched up, and on my way in less than twos, including wait time. Thumbs up to them! Especially because my last experience there left something to be desired. Anyone else have any great adventures over the weekend?



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