5 things to do at work when you have ‘nothing’ to do at work

It’s the beginning of the academic year and I’m a university employee (An RA), so my life has been going through some super highs and lows in regards to workload. Specifically, the weekdays have been pretty chill but I expect the weekends to slowly start ramping up. I figured I’d make a list of things... Continue Reading →


RA Life: Roommate wrecks and weekend duty

It's that time of year again - that week after everyone has moved into the reshalls and classes have begun. I was on duty the first weekend after everyone had moved in, and other than an avalanche of first years pummeling my door to inform me someone was having a seizure in the lounge, it... Continue Reading →

What is Contact Entitlement & how to stop it

This weekend marked the beginning of the school year, where 90 or so resident assistants, myself among them, scrambled to check in almost 2,000 first year students fueled only by caffeine and sugar. Personal time is a joke for about a week, and having eight back-to-back hours of free time is laughable, much less getting... Continue Reading →

Back to school, back to cool … literally

The Pacific Northwest gray season is on the horizon (which is actually 2.5 seasons rolled into one giant, monochromatic rain-cooled episode), which means the smell of erasers and pencils are in the air and hordes of 18-24 year olds are moving to new apartments and heading back to college towns. For anyone heading off to... Continue Reading →

Wedding Gifts

As a fresh, newly hatched semi-adult I find myself faced with a new quest - buying a wedding gift. I've never had to buy one before, since I was always young enough to tack my signature onto my parents' card and call it good. None of my friends were or are the type to get... Continue Reading →

Life updates & Spotlight Sunday

Like I mentioned in my last post, I decided to move back to school! I'm still in the process of unpacking, but I'm a week ahead in work. Post to come  going more in-depth about training, work, and decorating the residence halls. Again, I'll write all that under the RA Life category so people can... Continue Reading →

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