Back from the beyond

I’ve been MIA for a while and I’m so sorry!

A lot has gone down over the last 3 weeks, but I’ll summarize and we’ll go right back to our semi-regularly scheduled program of sarcastic commentary and adventures into adulthood.

Pros of working at camp – I don’t have to act like a grown up

For a couple weeks I had a job (yes, a job!) as a camp counselor- otherwise known as a glorified babysitter to high schoolers that should totally know better.

I didn’t have internet at camp, so I excuse myself from that (though I could have been one of those really organized bloggers that schedule my posts, but of course that didn’t occur to me until I was already at camp.). Not getting anything done over the last week was purely out of poor time management.

The beautiful College of Business building at my school that taunts me from my English lecture seats

And over these three weeks a lot happened that led to me deciding to go back to college.

I knew that at some point I was going to return to college, since I’m only six months away from a second (and hopefully more employable) degree. I had figured I’d return as an online student while working a normal full-time job.

But going back in-person will be better for my GPA, since online classes have always been a struggle for me, and I’m not leaving a full-time job behind.

Compressing the degree check out, application process, late FAFSA ordeal, HR paperwork, and a job application down to three weeks was an adventure in patience and people skills, but I managed to get it done (barely).

In addition, I started a  job where I’ll get some hours when I’m back in town during holidays and some weekends.

Unfortunately, returning to school also means my much-anticipated road trip was scrapped. Granted, it’s in favor of furthering my education and it was my own choice, but I’m still pretty disappointed I don’t get my post-graduation road trip with my friend.

Camping gear all laid out for the road trip that never got to happen

And that’s the long-winded update of my life as of late. Returning to college also means my life will be dominated by my job as a resident assistant. So brace yourselves for posts about bulletin boards, door decs, and programs galore. I’ll assign all those posts a specific category, so you can feel free to ignore them if that college life isn’t what you’re about.

Anyone else ever found something unexpected to do in the time between (or before, in my case) jobs?



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