Spotlight Sunday:Models with facial scars

This Sunday Spotlight is on Teen Vogue, with a series of five mini interviews with models that proudly sport their facial scars.

The series of five neutral-toned photos display the scars well. The interviews with each model includes how they got their scar, and whether they’ve ever considered getting rid of it.

You can follow three of the five models, Adau Mornyang, Mollye Rogel, and Yanni Gough, on Instagram.

I love that such a high profile magazine is spotlighting physical flaws in models as something to be proud of. The scars are all pretty “clean,” as in they were cared for and got the proper attention to heal neatly, but it’s still great to see. One of my favorites is Yanni Gough. I think she has the most interesting story of the five about how she got her scar, and she loves her scar.

I actually wanted to have the laser surgery done and then everyone was like, no it fits you, it’s so cool, you have a story behind it!” Gough said, “And then I started looking in the mirror a few days after that and realized it doesn’t look that bad!”

I’ve never had a problem with visible scarring, since most scars I do have are tiny or have faded a ton since childhood. But when my sister was younger she got a scar running across her forehead, in addition to a dark birthmark splashed across it, and she hated it! She’s adjusted to it as she’s grown, and it helped that we were strict about keeping the scar covered for a year (tanning new scar tissue can make it darken).

Does anyone else have scars they’re proud to flaunt?


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