Back from the beyond

I've been MIA for a while and I'm so sorry! A lot has gone down over the last 3 weeks, but I'll summarize and we'll go right back to our semi-regularly scheduled program of sarcastic commentary and adventures into adulthood. For a couple weeks I had a job (yes, a job!) as a camp counselor-... Continue Reading →


Spotlight Sunday: Ward + Robes

“I hope that, when someone puts this gown on, that they feel like they’re stepping into their power.” –India Amara, tattoo artist/designer. Starlight Canada, an organization that helps families with seriously ill children, has taken a step toward identity and individuality for patients. They’re behind a new creative project, Ward + Robes, to bring designer... Continue Reading →

21 reasons you’re from the PNW

Salt spray, rainy days, 90s fray and lattes. All my recent traveling outside of my regular PNW domain has got me thinking about what I consider normal at home. Especially because I'll be hitting the road again soon. You know you're from the Pacific Northwest if... You can never find your sunglasses again, so you... Continue Reading →

How to road trip

  Or how we've planned one, at least. We'll see how the actual execution of it goes. First, pick the general area you want to travel through. We chose the Pacific Coast Highway, mostly so we could focus on California. Second, pick what you want to see. We already had some spots in mind, but... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Sunday:Models with facial scars

This Sunday Spotlight is on Teen Vogue, with a series of five mini interviews with models that proudly sport their facial scars. The series of five neutral-toned photos display the scars well. The interviews with each model includes how they got their scar, and whether they've ever considered getting rid of it. You can follow... Continue Reading →

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