Spotlight Sunday: Skateistan


Spotlight Sunday is all about letting people know about something or someone I think is cool or should have some attention. I want it to be something positive to start the week off right.

Skateistan_To_Live_and_Skate_KabulThis week is about about Skatistan.

Skateistan is an educational endeavor in Afghanistan. Oliver Percovich and his friends brought their skateboards with them when they were in Afghanistan in 2007, and were met with wonder from the local children. Percovich took advantage of the newness of skateboarding.

Girls are often at a large disadvantage in Afghanistan, where they’re forbidden from doing things that are for “boys only” like playing soccer or riding bikes. Bus since skateboards had never become a fad in Afghanistan, there were no rules preventing girls from skateboarding.

A short film, Skateistan: To live and skate Kabul tells the story of two of the organizations students.

Since it’s creation the organization has expanded to Cambodia and South America as well. Marie Claire did an article about a year ago covering Skateistan, including an interview with Percovich. I highly recommend you read the article and check out their site. It’s worth it just to see the pictures.

If you have any suggestions for future Spotlight Sundays, feel free to let me know!


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