It’s raining trailers

As per usual, SDCC is dropping trailers all over the place. It’s raining geekdom and I couldn’t be happier- specifically, my comic geek heart.

And it’s not just geeks enjoying these movies anymore. Great writing, story lines, directing, acting and cinematography have turned superhero movies from a niche or “boys market” (how I loathe the concept of gendered comic audiences) into a cinematic phenomena.

Netflix continues its rule over Marvel TV shows (Sorry ABC) raining trailers like the PNW rains… well, most of the time to be honest. Our current 3-month sunny hiatus aside.

Though I may be forever loyal to Marvel, DC isn’t  left in the dust either. Ladies and Gentlemen, Wonder Woman.

Look at the sets and settings! Captain America has some direct competition for the war period origin story.

And the new Suicide Squad trailer, the cast of which includes Annalise Keating … I mean, Amanda Walller … Wait, I mean Viola Davis! Also, don’t let the bootie shorts and rainbow hair make you forget that Harley Quinn is a former criminal psychologist with a PhD.

And of course, the trailer for a movie I haven’t formed an opinion on yet…

Confession: At first I thought Robin was Harry Potter. Admit it, you did too. That would have been a crossover no one saw coming. One day I’ll achieve one of my dreams of being able to go to SDCC… but, first step, employment!

Though the Game of Thrones season 6 blooper video that was posted on Facebook the other day isn’t comic-related, it was pretty great. Peter Dinklage’s inability to say his lines also makes my ego feel a little better after I mispronounced my professor’s last name during my final a month ago

Any other discoveries or announcements anyone’s heard from SDCC? There’s only so many twitter feeds a girl can watch.


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