Hit the road!


One of the risks of post-graduation unemployment, while also living more than an hour from my closest friends, is extreme boredom. The monotony of filling out job application after job application is absolutely mind numbing.

But I have found the cure!

And that cure is travel!

One of my best friends, S, and I are planning a mini-road trip for ourselves. We’ve set a time in a month to go, and figure that if we’re still unemployed that it’s meant to be.

We’ll be doing a Pacific Coast Highway road trip, starting north of Seattle and going down to the California-Mexico border.

We’ve already gone crazy planning potential stops, focusing mostly on the Southern Oregon and California coasts in order to get as much summer time sun exposure as possible. S and I will be camping and couch surfing with family most of the way, as well as packing and making most of our meals, in order to save money.

Since I’ve never done a road trip before, I’m open to any tips anyone has or any ideas on where to stop!


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  1. This sounds like so much fun! Did you ever get to do the road trip? I would love to drive the Pacific Coast Highway, it sounds awesome!


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