Being you on your trip

I'm back from the great wide world! I had an amazing summer going all over western Europe. (Sorry Eastern Europe, maybe next budget.) I got a lot of questions when I came back. Mostly about who I travelled with and how I planned everything. The first thing anyone should keep in mind when planning any... Continue Reading →


Starting in Lisbon

Lisbon was my first stop on my first solo trip, so emotionally I started out a little rocky. I was fine until I was sitting in the Boston Logan airport gulping down a Starbucks and it suddenly hit me that I was travelling alone to the other side of the world to wander around a... Continue Reading →

On the road

I've been on the road for about two weeks now, and I've been thinking a lot about posting on here. Much like my instagram account, I only seem to post here when something adventurous is going down. But I want this trip to be focused on the moment. I don't want to feel guilty for... Continue Reading →

A New Adventure

I'm still here! After an extended blogging hiatus, I've returned to document my latest venture - quitting my job to backpack around Europe! I gave my manager two months notice a while back, booked a ticket to Portugal, and I'm going to spend the summer backpacking all over the European continent. Originally I wanted to... Continue Reading →

10 cheap ways to relax

Ah, relaxation, that state of calmness and acceptance that alludes us all for so much of the time. For a lot of people, relaxation can involve the spa or a day of spendy extravagance, but that doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. As we approach the last weekend in what has been one... Continue Reading →

The next big trip

I have some smaller trips in the works over the next six months (Some places on the east coast, some local adventures, and the great college road trip with the little sisters.) but there was something about my spring break Pacific Coast Highway road trip that made me realize I really want to see more... Continue Reading →

Road trip tips

Today I celebrated that I’ll be doing a repeat of my California road trip, this time to move one of my little sisters into her dream college! Instead of my friend and me in a car this time I’ll have my mom and two little sisters, as well as a whole dorm room of stuff,... Continue Reading →


Ever since my road trip last week I've been hit hard with the need to see the world. I keep trying to tide myself over by planning hypothetical trips and trying to drag my poor friends on the road with me. I've traveled alone before, but I really have so much more fun when I... Continue Reading →

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